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Berria Bike S.L. is an international company that develops different stages and processes in various strategic points around the world. ?? In Spain the first stage of research where the product is defined conceptually creating a design and identity thereof, as well as its position in the market (segment, components, weight, price) is performed. ? Technological DNA product is developed in Switzerland. There 2D and 3D technical design concepts based on the first laminate and the carbon study, one of the most complex phases of the process are prepared. Once this phase, from Spain it proceeds to the realization of creativity that will obtain the graphic product development, the creation and design of all models prior preparation of concepts and renderings. Later work on the definition and development of art picture final.??En Asia is done, Berria performs the primary manufacturing process pictures with full quality, security and guarantees, respecting the models assigned ingenierización phase. Once they arrive at the factory in Spain, proceed to finish at this stage is finished and painted the pictures according to the specifications selected in the color configurator by customers. each bike individually mounted components with the options chosen by the customer, guaranteeing a perfect assembly and ensuring an ideal funcionamiento.??En Spain entire distribution process is coordinated by performing the management and monitoring of the commercial network stores ?? national level and coordination with importers in exports abroad.